Friday, November 13, 2009

A New House!

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately! I have been super busy with work and school, STILL... And also we were in the house buying process.... And yesterday made it official! After signing a million papers (I thought my hand was going to fall off) and giving them a million dollars, B and I walked out of there home owners! :)

Here is a pic of the front of our new beautiful home:

I will have more pictures once we get moved in and such!
The only thing we have to wait on now is the people to move out. We leased the house back to them for a week so that they would have time to make sure the deal actually settled before they had to pack up and move out. So the count down begins! 1 week til move in :) Also, only 2 weeks left of school! And then maybe my life will go back to some what normal again!
Will post more next week :)

Monday, October 19, 2009


So I know my last post was a while ago, and I was saying how super busy I have been - Well double that and that is how busy I have been lately!!

I am still going to school making As :) Which has kept me super busy with all the studying I have been doing to keep up my A.

B and I have been house hunting so that we can buy! :) Yes it has been fun! And very time consuming as well! We think that we have found a house - nothings official yet so we are just crossing our fingers and hoping that everything works out!! I will keep you posted promise!

I have had little time for photography lately, but I am going to try to change that. Most of my weekend is always filled with studying or family time, but I am going to try to make a little more time for myself and my practice! We will see how that goes!

Well I am going to keep this short and keep you more updated more often (hopefully)! I am turning over a new leaf! haha


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Busy!

Sorry I have not updated in a while... I have been super busy!

I got my first real wedding job - shooting photography... which was last weekend:

It was so fun! I am now working some with TomKPhotography - Tom, KJ (a good friend from high school) and I piled into the truck last Saturday afternoon and headed to a evening of fun and akward times :) Turned out I knew the bride and some of her friends and the groom and his family... That would have been awesome, except I knew them through my ex - and hadn't seen any of them since before the split there... It was pretty akward at times, considering the grooms brother was my exs best friend... Got quite a few dirty looks from that department! haha... but oh how life moves on!

My second job is going to be a party - KJ and I are going to do it without Tom. It should be tons of fun! I will have to let you know how all that is going.

On top of it all... I am starting back at school on Monday. I'm a little nervous, but it should be good. I am only taking one class (Anatomy & Physiology) which will be quite a time filler! The next few months are definately going to be really busy...

Between school, the new part time job, house hunting, working on the house that we live in, and of course spending quality time with my husband so that we dont go crazy in this crazy life we are living right now!

Also - Happy 2 year anniversary to me... I have been with the same Investment firm for 2 years now! I cannot believe that I have been here this long. This is why I am going back to school, I dont want to be here another 2 years! I just wouldnt be able to handle it!!!

Its all going to be worth it in the end!! Well I feel as tho I am rambling, so I will just leave you with this:
My Husband sitting in Lauren's Stroller

Haha... That pic still cracks me up - this was about a year or so ago.



Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday night...

Fridays are great... I wish that every day could be Friday! There is just something about the fact that you don't have to work the next day that just makes the evening so much fun! I spent my Friday night with my sisters and bro in law. It was a blast... and I brought my camera, so there are some fun pics to go along with the night:

I was tryin out my new fisheye lens - you will see several pics below that I tried it out on :) Like the one of my sis Em below:
Ash was very co-operative with the pic taking
The boys played a couple of games of pool
So serious...
They were calling me paparazzi because of the pic taking
Rack em up!
Yes... My baby has a mohawk - cut by yours truly :)

Tryin to take a good pic with B - but you know how that goes!
He just never co-operates!
Not sure what was going on here - Maybe Ash was tellin a story? :) Sure looks silly!
Some good times with the sis' :)
They are so sweet
And also VERY silly!
We always have a good time
Yep, that me bein thrown in... those darn sisters!!!
And B just did nothing about it! That husband of mine.... Hes in trouble...
Well, I hope that you enjoyed my Friday night!! I sure did! This weekend has been crazy and hectic at the same time... Wood floors going in the house - Meeting with a photographer that I am going to start working with - and family time :) I have tons more to post from the weekend. But I am too tired... Time to eat dinner be fat and lazy!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Construction Zone

We are living with some friends so that we can save money to buy a house - Our clause is that B will help them do some remodeling around the house... Recently we re tiled the bathroom floors. Here is some of the progress:

We had to move the toilet out (but B forgot to empty it before we started moving it, so he had to scoop out the water) haha.
Here is the beautiful wall paper that was on the walls before we started - this was ripped off and was textured and painted (sorry don't have a good pic of that)
More scooping - gotta make sure all the water is out so that we don't drip it all over the floor
Here is the floor before we started - there was linoleum that had to have been laid when the house was built in the 70s - it took about 2 seconds to pull it all up
B at work:
Moving right along...
And - TADA :

It turned out really good! Its marble
On to bathroom number 2! He remembered to empty the toilet this time :)
Before the toilet was taken out - this bathroom floor is a lot smaller and easier!
While B started on bathroom number 2 - Beth and I had a project of our own (in which the dogs loved to be in the way)
Chiseling out the tile in the front entry way - We had sweet safety goggles :)
It was very hard - we had to chisel the tile and then chisel off the mortar that was on top of the concrete
We got a good bit of it done - It was so rough that Jeff went and rented a tool to use to get it all up the next day... the pic below was after about an hour and the tool he rented did the rest and mortar in 1 1/2 hours - very nice
Back to the bathroom... Oh wait - that's just the bedroom :)
B hard at work laying down the mortar to get ready for the tile :)
And the finished product - notice this bathroom still has the beautiful wall paper :)

This weekend the plans are to lay hardwoods in the front entry and the hallway! I will be updating with those photos next week... It will be a very busy and eventful weekend! I also have a swim day with the family on Sunday :) it will be nice to take a day to relax with the family!
Til next time

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday weekend!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday! I got some cool presents - I got a nice bound book with wedding pictures from my parents :) and this cool printer from my now in-laws:

We spent Saturday at the water park, after a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings

We got to hang out with Bs bro Richey :) It was a fun time!

Sydney and James came with us! They are pretty much family

Little Maddy had something with putting the kitty on peoples heads:

Chris' "Mean Face" - not that he looks mean haha
When little girls take your camera :) Not in focus, but cute

Bs Dad and Richey
Close up shots:

The cutest little boy - look at those eye lashes!
"And I love this man"

B and his nephew - he's so great with kids!

water park fun - b and his bros
Me and my bro in laws :) So weird to say that
Chillin in the water
Bs sister and her little boy :) they are too cute!

By the time we were headed home we were all pooped!! The back seat slept most of the way home...
Hope you enjoyed it! I sure did! I spent Friday night with my fam, but BJ stole my camera to do some things at work and didnt give it back to me in time :( so no pics from there.

well :) my next post will be about my exciting new things that I bought for my camera!! Hopefully they will come in the mail in the next couple of days!
Super Excited,