Thursday, August 6, 2009

Construction Zone

We are living with some friends so that we can save money to buy a house - Our clause is that B will help them do some remodeling around the house... Recently we re tiled the bathroom floors. Here is some of the progress:

We had to move the toilet out (but B forgot to empty it before we started moving it, so he had to scoop out the water) haha.
Here is the beautiful wall paper that was on the walls before we started - this was ripped off and was textured and painted (sorry don't have a good pic of that)
More scooping - gotta make sure all the water is out so that we don't drip it all over the floor
Here is the floor before we started - there was linoleum that had to have been laid when the house was built in the 70s - it took about 2 seconds to pull it all up
B at work:
Moving right along...
And - TADA :

It turned out really good! Its marble
On to bathroom number 2! He remembered to empty the toilet this time :)
Before the toilet was taken out - this bathroom floor is a lot smaller and easier!
While B started on bathroom number 2 - Beth and I had a project of our own (in which the dogs loved to be in the way)
Chiseling out the tile in the front entry way - We had sweet safety goggles :)
It was very hard - we had to chisel the tile and then chisel off the mortar that was on top of the concrete
We got a good bit of it done - It was so rough that Jeff went and rented a tool to use to get it all up the next day... the pic below was after about an hour and the tool he rented did the rest and mortar in 1 1/2 hours - very nice
Back to the bathroom... Oh wait - that's just the bedroom :)
B hard at work laying down the mortar to get ready for the tile :)
And the finished product - notice this bathroom still has the beautiful wall paper :)

This weekend the plans are to lay hardwoods in the front entry and the hallway! I will be updating with those photos next week... It will be a very busy and eventful weekend! I also have a swim day with the family on Sunday :) it will be nice to take a day to relax with the family!
Til next time

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