Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday night...

Fridays are great... I wish that every day could be Friday! There is just something about the fact that you don't have to work the next day that just makes the evening so much fun! I spent my Friday night with my sisters and bro in law. It was a blast... and I brought my camera, so there are some fun pics to go along with the night:

I was tryin out my new fisheye lens - you will see several pics below that I tried it out on :) Like the one of my sis Em below:
Ash was very co-operative with the pic taking
The boys played a couple of games of pool
So serious...
They were calling me paparazzi because of the pic taking
Rack em up!
Yes... My baby has a mohawk - cut by yours truly :)

Tryin to take a good pic with B - but you know how that goes!
He just never co-operates!
Not sure what was going on here - Maybe Ash was tellin a story? :) Sure looks silly!
Some good times with the sis' :)
They are so sweet
And also VERY silly!
We always have a good time
Yep, that me bein thrown in... those darn sisters!!!
And B just did nothing about it! That husband of mine.... Hes in trouble...
Well, I hope that you enjoyed my Friday night!! I sure did! This weekend has been crazy and hectic at the same time... Wood floors going in the house - Meeting with a photographer that I am going to start working with - and family time :) I have tons more to post from the weekend. But I am too tired... Time to eat dinner be fat and lazy!!

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