Monday, June 29, 2009

Honeymoon Time!

For our honeymoon we went to Cozumel, Mexico :) We had a wonderful time! We did not want to come back - we could have stayed there forever! Here are some of our pics :)

Notice the luggage tags :)
How B travels on a plane

The view from our hotel window

Our Little friend! He was outside our building almost every day during the week! He was pretty cool What we did the whole first day
The hotel bar - it was right on the beach

A rainbow decided to come out and grace us with its presence :)

Headed to go snorkling! (by the way, Cozumel is not a good place to go snorkling)

My Husband :) Hes so hott!

The Catamaran

Riding on the boat :)

Freakin georgous skies! They were great all week! Isn't God great
Senor Frogs :

Cool bar

Huge Margaritas

And "The United States of Fun" Money :) what a fun place!
My babys ring - yep he's mine :)
My handsome husband

Swingin at the bar

The lobby of our hotel (everything was outside - nothing was closed in)
The view from our breakfast, lunch & dinner :) beautiful

The Parrots :)

My pic was scanned in, sorry bout the quality
Playin water Volleyball - we did that almost every day! It was a blast!

Get IT!

Walkin around town - everything was closed unless there was a ship in the port. Luckily we found out what day that was and went for it!

Very cool trees! They were everywhere!

A pyramid you could see on the main land (only on a very clear night!) Thanks to my new telephoto lense!

Mexican Army boat
Nuff Said :)

Yay! Balloon Hats :)

Typical B - always trying to throw me in the water!
Feeding the fish :)
The crazy guys we met at the hotel (very cool people! they were from Boston!)

Yes, B has his tongue hanging out

Jenn and Me

Jenn me and Jess! They were super sweet

The whole gang + the waiter... We hung out with these guys almost all week

Playin water polo - hott hair cap I Know! :)

Fav Flower

Time to head home :(

Our plane! I have been a lot of places, but never have I gotten on the plane on the strip by stairs! They told me I couldnt take pics, but I got to snap this one before I got in trouble :)

Pics from outside the Plane window:

All in all we had a blast! And we didnt figure out how to stay there forever, so we had to come back :( haha. But it was a nice relaxing trip! Now back to the crazy life of work, moving, and house hunting! Fun Times!
Love yall,