Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday weekend!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday! I got some cool presents - I got a nice bound book with wedding pictures from my parents :) and this cool printer from my now in-laws:

We spent Saturday at the water park, after a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings

We got to hang out with Bs bro Richey :) It was a fun time!

Sydney and James came with us! They are pretty much family

Little Maddy had something with putting the kitty on peoples heads:

Chris' "Mean Face" - not that he looks mean haha
When little girls take your camera :) Not in focus, but cute

Bs Dad and Richey
Close up shots:

The cutest little boy - look at those eye lashes!
"And I love this man"

B and his nephew - he's so great with kids!

water park fun - b and his bros
Me and my bro in laws :) So weird to say that
Chillin in the water
Bs sister and her little boy :) they are too cute!

By the time we were headed home we were all pooped!! The back seat slept most of the way home...
Hope you enjoyed it! I sure did! I spent Friday night with my fam, but BJ stole my camera to do some things at work and didnt give it back to me in time :( so no pics from there.

well :) my next post will be about my exciting new things that I bought for my camera!! Hopefully they will come in the mail in the next couple of days!
Super Excited,

Friday, July 24, 2009


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthaday toooo MEEE :)

I will have to post pictures next week from this weekend :) Family stuff - Dinner, waterpark, etc

Shout outs:
Happy birthday to Hilary - same birthday and year :)
Happy birthday to little Braden -1 today, wow I cant believe it has been a year already!

What I was doing on my birthday 3 years ago - wow I cant believe its been that long ago already (South Africa):

Later :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo Shoot - Sneak Peak

Today is an exciting day! I got my very first "Professional" photo shoot!

B and his bro and I went on Saturday and took some test shots so that I could figure out the lighting, here is a sneak peak of what happens when they are your test subjects:

Wow... I love this man :)

Well I will be updating tomorrow :) Because it my freakin birthday!! (Shout out to my little nephew with the same b day - Big 1 Whoop!)


Friday, July 10, 2009


Just thought we would introduce you to our 3rd family member:

His name is Leonidas - well Leo for short :) He is a Great Dane - Pitt Bull mix

He loves his new yard! All of the space to run and play! Quite a big change from the little apartment he was use to!

He's gotten really good at playing fetch! (he would never play with us before - only look at us like we are insane for throwing his toy away from him!)

He says hello! - Notice his ear... He loves to hold it in the air like that when he is listening - sometimes he does it while he is sleeping... We think he might be spying on us

Look at how absolutely adorable this guy is!

"Hey mom! Why are you sitting on the ground?"

"What is this large contraption on your face?"

Time to play!

He really wanted Marley to come out and play with him!

He loves the fact that he can look out the front door!

He will stand - or sit for hours and look outside.

"Mom, I'm pooped - no more pics!"

" Ok, Maybe I will pose for just one more! On my good side" :)

P.S. this was little Leo :) Good thing he grew into those Gigantic Ears! They used to stick up all the time like that!
Hope you like our little guy! :) Well maybe he is not so little...