Friday, May 22, 2009

6 DAYS!!!

Wow. So we are officially out of the double digits and down to 6 days! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting on the couch trying to decide what weekend we wanted to get married on.

And now I am just ready to get to the big day, don't get me wrong the planning journey has been fun and all - but I am ready to be done planning and enjoy the day :)
Good News - We survived the Bach parties :)

Here are some fun photos from the night:
Dancing at Joes

Group shot

Me & My sisters

Me & Beth

Me & Kay Kay

BJ & his boys

Im sure I will have some fun photos from this weekend! My bigest sis (I have 2 big sisters) is throwing a 30th birthday bash for herself. It should be fun!

The Countdown Continues :)

S & B

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok... So it is really becoming official -

Me and B made the exciting trip today to the CC Administration building to get none other than our Marriage License! How freakin exciting!

But no, sorry I did not take any pictures...

Actually the process was quite boring, not fun like I had imagined:
We went in, sat at a computer, filled out the application and clicked submit - which showed up on the computer that the lady across the room was sitting at... We then walked over to her, gave her our licenses, money and certificate of premarital counseling.. Then she printed it out! That was it. Nothing fun or exciting there - no fireworks, no hip hip hoorays, no dancing a jig, no funny little clowns making cool balloon animals!


what am I talking about? How random :)

Well sounds like a party... there will be party photos to follow this weekend! That's right, its that time! Time for the Bachelorette and Bachelor parties! Now that will be exciting! There still wont be that funny little clown tho

Have a great Hump Day!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Wedding Preparations

So... Here we are! - May 1st... One month away from the wedding! I cannot believe how fast these past few months have gone by! Between work keeping me busy, and wedding showers and planning... Wow, my life has been a little hectic lately - and I am sure there is much more to come in the next 30 days!

We are still working through some of the details of the wedding - some things didnt quite work out *flowers*. But we have since figured it out, and everything is going to be ok! Our new choice for the flower is Alstroemeria:

Which I am extremely excited about - they are beautiful!

My work has finally leveled off - which means that I no longer have to come in early (at 630) anymore! I am back on regular schedule! :) YAY About time too! I think BJ was getting tired of me being tired and cranky!

So in light of my celebration yesterday I went out and bought a new lense for my camera! yay! Now I have the 18-70mm that came with the camera and the NEW 75-300mm that I bought yesterday! I love it... i will post pictures that I took with it later!

Have a great Day! And Happy Friday! - S&B