Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Busy!

Sorry I have not updated in a while... I have been super busy!

I got my first real wedding job - shooting photography... which was last weekend:

It was so fun! I am now working some with TomKPhotography - Tom, KJ (a good friend from high school) and I piled into the truck last Saturday afternoon and headed to a evening of fun and akward times :) Turned out I knew the bride and some of her friends and the groom and his family... That would have been awesome, except I knew them through my ex - and hadn't seen any of them since before the split there... It was pretty akward at times, considering the grooms brother was my exs best friend... Got quite a few dirty looks from that department! haha... but oh how life moves on!

My second job is going to be a party - KJ and I are going to do it without Tom. It should be tons of fun! I will have to let you know how all that is going.

On top of it all... I am starting back at school on Monday. I'm a little nervous, but it should be good. I am only taking one class (Anatomy & Physiology) which will be quite a time filler! The next few months are definately going to be really busy...

Between school, the new part time job, house hunting, working on the house that we live in, and of course spending quality time with my husband so that we dont go crazy in this crazy life we are living right now!

Also - Happy 2 year anniversary to me... I have been with the same Investment firm for 2 years now! I cannot believe that I have been here this long. This is why I am going back to school, I dont want to be here another 2 years! I just wouldnt be able to handle it!!!

Its all going to be worth it in the end!! Well I feel as tho I am rambling, so I will just leave you with this:
My Husband sitting in Lauren's Stroller

Haha... That pic still cracks me up - this was about a year or so ago.



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